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Shrek Forever After

The theory is that Shrek Forever After is to be the last movie starring everyone’s favourite green ogre voiced by Mike Myers. The title sounds pretty finale, but then again there are five movies called Final Destination, so you know. Still, whether or not this is the end, the fact is that this is a pretty good chapter in the life of Shrek and company.
Shrek is now living in his swamp with his wife Fiona (Cameron Diaz) and his three kids while his friends Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Puss in Boots (Antonio Banderas) drop in for a visit every day. On paper, he has a good life: a good house, nice kids, a great wife and a few pals. Yet, married life is getting to Shrek. He has no time for himself, Fiona keeps asking him to unclog a sewage pipe, the kids need their diapers changed, and Donkey keeps coming home uninvited with his half-donkey half-dragon mutant kids for play dates. (I still think these offsprings are the weirdest fairy tale creatures ever animated and quite frankly are a little…

Robin Hood

Origin stories are big these days. Recently studios have shown us how James became Bond, how Bruce Wayne became Batman, and how Captain Kirk met his crew. Now with Ridley Scott’s take on Robin Hood we get to see how an archer from the crusades called Robin Longstride would become an outlaw called Robin of the Hood and steal from the rich to give to the poor. His first crime is to steal seeds to give to farmers, but you have to start somewhere.
All the usual suspects are there: Russell Crowe, an expert at playing mythological heroes who are great at both decapitating people with a sword and giving a great speech to fire up a crowd, plays the titular hero. His Robin Hood is a practical one. When he hears that King Richard the Lion Heart (Danny Huston) has died in battle, his first thought is to make for the coast and to hell with the wages. “Imagine how hard it will be to get paid now that he’s dead” he points out. His merry men are not so much merry as feisty and looking for a place to…

Iron Man 2

“It’s good to be back!” Those are the first word uttered by Tony Stark, played with glee as ever by Robert Downey Jr., as he lands at Stark Expo after jumping from a plane, with AC/DC playing gloriously in the background. Man, what a great kickoff to the summer movie season.
This is indeed Iron Man 2 in the sense that this time around Tony will have to share the spotlight with a second man in an armoured suit in the shape of his best friend James Rhodes (Don Cheadle, stepping in for Terence Howard). The introduction of this second iron man, or War Machine, is one of the many sources of conflicts in the story since the government does not trust Mr. Stark when he tells the government that his technology cannot be reproduced, putting him at odds with a senator (Gary Shandling) who wants him to turn over the technology to the military, for whom Rhodes works.
Watching Tony bask in the glory of being a superhero is the movie’s main villain, Ivan Vanko (Mickey Rourke), a brilliant Russian scie…