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Empire Magazine (2008) Greatest Movies List - #55: La Dolce Vita

A classic of the Italian cinema and the Golden Palme winner of the 1960 Cannes Film Festival, Federico Fellini’s La Dolce Vita (1960) is on many lists of the best movies of all times. It tells the story of Marcello (Marcello Mastroianni) a journalist working in Rome who could be seen as one of the original paparazzi. His modern American equivalent could be a member of the TMZ network, but in 1960s Italy Marcello’s job looks much more glamorous although he still does a fair amount of celebrity hounding.
Fellini is one of those filmmakers whose name is revered by other filmmakers who are also revered, yet I have only seen two of his movies including this one and La Strada (1954). I received both of them as a Christmas present on collector’s edition DVDs about seven years ago and was glad to be able to cross at least one more classic off my watch list. Personally I preferred La Strada, which is a much sadder movie, but I loved the lead actress whereas the character of Marcello in La Dolce…